About Us

American Parents Association (APA) is a non-profit organization that provides parents and family members with advocacy, support and education to help build strong, healthy, economically viable families. APA offers parents, government and the private sector information, activities and tips to enhance their support for child and family development, communication between parents and their children, and to help parents identify and recognize their role and its importance in society. A key objective is to help support and develop parents to be pillars of their family and communities to ensure and help maintain a positive and more enjoyable family life. Strong nations require strong families.

APA connects parents with other parents, groups, corporations and other NPE organizations that provide advice and support for better balancing work, social life and family. We recognize the challenges of being a parent and aim to provide the latest information relating to activities and trends for parents, children and families to help balance life, as an individual and as a parent. We are here to walk with parents through every challenge during various stages of family life and their child-rearing efforts. Our goal is to encourage parents to develop loving children; after all “charity starts at home.”